Welcome to the QUESTnet 2024 Conference

Welcome to a very special QUESTnet, where we are celebrating our community and collaboration for over 30 years. As we gather to explore our ever-evolving technology landscape under the themes of Reflect, Evolve, and Thrive, I am sure you would agree, in our post-pandemic and heightened threat landscape, it is now more important than ever to come together to share our experiences and knowledge.

QUESTnet 2024 will attract more than 350 delegates and will comprise of an engaging set of speakers. As we delve into the realm of technology showcases and experiences, you will be able to network with colleagues and peers. 

The streams of:

Reflect: Embracing our past and envisioning our future allows us to understand how past decisions have shaped our current landscape. This stream allows us to understand the technologies that have moved through both technical and ethical challenges.

Evolve: Navigating the technological paradigm shift helps us share what technologies are challenging our paradigm. Through Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and cyber security, the continuous practice of evolution through technologies has shifted us to become more evolutionary in our practice.

Thrive: Using technology for a positive impact aids us to leverage technology to contribute to the greater good. From enabling our sustainability goals through to technologies with a human-centric approach and outcomes that improve the quality of learning and research to our students and our communities.

As the first female Chair of the QUESTnet Organising Committee in over 10 years, I feel incredibly honoured to lead this prestigious event. Embracing this year's themes through a strong commitment of inclusivity, QUESTnet will be an unforgettable experience for all participants. We look forward to welcoming you to QUESTnet 2024!

Tabetha Bozin
Chair, Conference Organising Committee
Director, Higher Education Technologies, The University of Queensland

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